Mirage, acting in the scope of classic furniture production business with its respectable company position in the international market, leads forward its product range in a harmonized way of aesthetics and quality concept in its products with the architectural point of view and master craftsmen’s techniques.
Mirage prefers to adopt “customer satisfaction” basely focused working principles while targeting to convert quality products use into life style in the process of raw material supply till the time of end user by combining hi-tech with traditional processes.

Art of hand sculpture, details hidden in products and hot colors of distinguished fabrics is being met by Mirage which spoils them with timber’s natural identity and mysterious glitter of golden end silver gilded foils.
Unlimited designs inspired by Mirage’s craftsmen’s soul in decoration pieces makes Mirage confidently continue its story for being a well-known trademark throughout the world.


Belief in experience and creative point of view in catching the highest level of esthetics and quality in products makes Mirage do its job with well-equipped staff that has innovative point of view starting from the production design till delivery.


Mirage believes that long lasting life of products is not a coincidence, in its products; Mirage uses certified first class quality materials. Details hidden in its decorations is being presented with timber’s natural identity by using high-quality materials.


As an essential piece of classic furniture, foil has a basis which is the process of forging the gold until it gets like a thin layer. Recently, this process is being done with cylinders easier than the old days.

The product which will be processed is being cleaned and its structure is examined. After the timber is being processed with suitable chemicals five times, to catch the minimum roughness, the surface is being rubbed with thin and thick emery respectively.

Armenian bole or Lambez called red colored soil is being melt, the product is being mixed with this mixture to be processed. When enough curing is reached, it is being covered with gold. After one day of waiting, the product is being polished for the gilt cover process with gilt.
Foil is being applied on the surface with a chemical brush and waited for a time to dry. Finish and varnish is being applied on the dry product.


Mirage, in its own polish shop, processes covered timber and lacquer products.

In covered products, after the cover is pressed, required rubbing process is being done and enough amount of polish material is applied on the surface, than a thin grinding process is being done, last layer polish processed respectively and the product waits to get dry. The first polish process is for filling and the following polishes are to reveal the real figurative piece.


With the high quality product and raw material policy, Mirage actualizes the production of design goods in 5500 m2 indoor area.

By performing quality control procedures in every step of the production; Mirage always aims to serve high quality products to its customers, with the investments made in year 2001 Mirage strengthens its polish facility and flooring lines, and assembled them under the same roof. Production process continues both with traditional ways and technologic innovations: pieces of product tree has been modeling one by one, have their molds of, rough process be completed and after performing engrave and decoration process our products reach to the end user.


After the succeeded achievements both in abroad and domestic market, Mirage proudly presents the reference list of its customers who are aware of their privilege.


By the academic education they took, the architectural staff within the Mirage, adopted the principle of “giving the place” to you instead of just describing it and thus they could come one step closer to the thin line that reflects from past to these days.